Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Face to Face

I have been trying to be super diligent with face care given the fact that I'm nearly thirty. I think we had this conversation back when I scared the pants of Justin with this beauty-enchanting mask. 

I had an extra long 4th of July weekend since my boss just must know how darn patriotic I am. I may have fallen asleep before the fireworks but hey it's the thought that counts. 

Back to my face issue... Since I don't believe in Botox/face lifts/collagen etc I've been trying all kinds of new face products so one of my BFFs and I got to try a mask from Lush together the other day. 

I must say I like the Serial killer mask better. Not just for the pizaz but for the overall benefits it provided to my skin. Now I know. And Justin knows too for he has been warned that from now on the caffeine masks will be included in my beauty regimens. 

Aside from that I enjoyed a lovely dinner for one with some summer bruschetta because despite my having an extended holiday weekend Justin had to work over time. Don't worry he got to indulge when he got home. 

I accompanied dinner with a large free (yay star program) Starbucks. All in all a pretty darn good day if I say so myself. 

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