Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lord of the Jersey Shore

A few days back I found a list of complaints Justin had made that I had recorded on the notepad in my phone. It was when he was highly stressed before a trip we took and he was firing off issues he was having every thirty seconds or so. I have been forbidden to share those complaints so I started a new list of Justin-isms. These are not complaints but rather random things he said:

1. While I was playing a game on my phone I said, "could it be the answer to my question is Serena Williams?" To which Justin replied: "That's so weird because golf is on too!"

2. While playing our new Lord of the Rings game Justin asked me to hand him "Bro-o-Mir instead of Boromir. I asked him if that was Boromir from Jersey Shore but he didn't find it funny. 

3. After returning from his trip to California Justin listed off all the food he had consumed. Among those food items were fried cucumbers and Mazzah sticks (I think he meant fried zucchini and mozzarella sticks). 

Unfortunately this list is not as expansive as the complaints list but being that I would like to live a little longer we will just roll with it. 

Also today I went to the store for some lemons and strawberries but I found this: 


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