Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On Vacation

The Finally after I don't know how long Justin and I are on a real vacation. Naturally it is jam-packed with things to do and people to see but I think it is safe to say we are both thankful to get away from the day to day. 

Our first stop was Baker City, Oregon. I've visited this town a half a dozen times with work so we had planned to have lunch and place an order for a custom piece of jewelry for my friend's upcoming birthday (shhhh don't tell her). Unfortunately the place we like for lunch was randomly closed. We settled for some bagel sandwiches. Justin even managed to lock his keys in the car with the car running. Luckily the man is super handy and found an awesome way to let himself in the car. I can't share it though because some people who read this blog might be inclined to try to steal vehicles. 

Next stop? Wallowa Lake. Here are a few photos for you. 
Yay beach
We went on a double date
Making friends

have a friend who is terrified of fish so when I noticed the Kokane spawning signs everywhere Justin and I stormed over and had strong words with those bastards. We told them not to scare innocent people. They just flapped around like a bunch of assholes but at least they were pretty. 
Justin having words with the fish 

There were really interesting dead things all over the beach; like trees, trees, more trees and some not so interesting dead fish. I found myself gravitating towards the rotting trees and wanted to take 1,000s of photos. We propped up my iPhone on the sandy beach amongst the HUNDREDS of spiders. Apparently they like dead things too. And they like trying to kill me. And I'm pretty sure it's their fault the photos are so blurry because when I asked them to hold my iPhone the were like I'm gonna cut you bitch. Except not really. They just wanted to suck my soul out. 
Me trying to get my glasses off before the timer camera goes off. At least Justin is photogenic. 
Dead things 
Justin by some dead things 
Justin skipping rocks
Bye bye for now :) 

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