Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Strange Things Been Happenin'

I've been MIA once again. I've been debating starting an entirely new blog. I know you're thinking; 'please save us all including yourself and don't partake in that adventure.' It's true. I've been so sporadic with my posts that starting a new blog seems pointless. 

I've been mentally working on my book. I've been busy with lots of mini trips with Justin as we enjoy the last days of summer. I've been crammed full with work duties. We've been working on wedding plans, I've been dealing with some personal things from the past. Pick whichever excuse you'd like. My plate has been overflowing but along with it my cup runneth over. In a good way. 

I need to make a choice. And rather than make that choice I've been sitting on the fence eating bon-bons while I try to determine which option is best. Say goodbye to the few years' worth of 
history on this page and start fresh, or let it be and continue posting here? I guess there is always option three take a big sabbatical from blogging altogether and finish my book. I'll figure it out at some point. Why are the small choices the tough choices? 
Here is a photo of Justin and me on one of our adventures. This is to prove I'm still alive. Hopefully this will tide me over. For now. 

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