Friday, September 16, 2016

Three Days

Our vacation continues to get better and better if that is even possible. Justin and I are finally getting to really relax. This we took a nice long walk from our hotel to the beach.

We ambled around the beach for a few hours.

I stalked birds. I even helped "save one" or severely annoyed it.


He only had one leg. I considered building him a peg leg but he didn't look like he wanted to be a pirate. He also had something wrong with his wings and used them as crutches as he tried to limp back into the water. I took off my shoes and helped guide him back out to sea when the tide kept washing him back up to shore. Eventually he got there and it was pretty cool. Except from his perspective he was probably like what tf is this girl doing?!

Later Justin and I stopped by this lighthouse. It seemed exciting except we didn't feel like waiting for the tour guide to return from his current tour so we bitched out. 

Next we went down to the pier. It smelled like death and destruction. Poor fishes. Justin was able to get a "Mr. T" burger and a caramel ice cream waffle cone. It was exciting. 

We closed out the night with a fire on the beach. Justin persisted until he kindled the perfect flames and we relaxed in the warmth before the rain came in.


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