Sunday, September 18, 2016

What The Helk Was That?

At the last moment Justin and I decided to truncate our vacation. Instead of returning home Sunday evening we decided to get home early Sunday morning instead. This shortened time spent with my extended family but luckily we still got to see everyone. 

We listened to "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," on audio on the drive back. It helped keep Justin awake. For me however it provided a nice ambiance coupled with the heavy rainfall. I dozed intermittently for a period of two-three hours which is highly unusual for me in a car. 

We were approximately an hour and a half from home while I was messaging a friend on my phone not really paying full attention to the road. I noticed a tan blur out my passenger window. Justin screamed, and I was like the hell is going on?!

Well it turns out an elk was standing in the right lane of the freeway facing the left which we were driving in.

He was like, "top of the morning to yeah," as we sped by at 75 mph. And we were like, "omg what is an elk doing standing in the middle of the road?!" And he was like, "tf is this road doing in the middle of no where," and we all thanked our good graces that nothing more than a few chin hairs got sacrificed in the interaction. He needed a good trim any way. 

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