Friday, February 20, 2015

Cat Calls

I went for a walk today to get to my doctor appointment since I can’t drive (more on that later). ♪ I’m a maniac, maaaaniac ♪ remember that song? I’m not really a maniac for walking to my appointment but it was slightly over two miles one way. This was quite the accomplishment considering I haven’t exercised since January thirty first. Yay me. 

I was on my way when I got cat called by some people in a car passing by. Then I was like ‘I still got it.’ About five minutes went by and I faintly heard someone cat calling me again. The calls became louder with each step I took. I must have been looking really good because whoever it was wasn’t afraid of stopping as I approached. I turned the volume down a notch on my iTunes so I could really listen because it sounded like perhaps I was approaching a dangerous scene. 

I walked in trepidation; each step the call becoming a little more forceful. Then I saw an eye peering at me from behind some brush in someone’s yard. It was a rooster. *sigh. Come to think of it whoever yelled at me from inside the car was probably just upset that I was walking in the street since there was no sidewalk. Oh Caldwell; how you tease me so. 

Also all this cat speak brings me to this Luna Lovegood’s cat photo I discovered on Instagram today. Pay mind to the caption:

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