Monday, February 16, 2015

Ostriches, Crocodiles, and Llamas; Oh my!

I had to come back prematurely to this blog despite the fact that I was aiming to extend my break until the end of this week. You see I was reading about this 100 year old crocodile who died recently from over eating. I guess he was obese to begin with but then people started feeding him goats and chickens for “good luck,” and that overwhelmed his digestive system. This just goes to show that eating meat will kill you. Ba ha ha I’m kidding about that last bit. In all seriousness as least chunky looked happy in his final days. Just look at that toothy grin :)
Photo Credit: Yahoo! News
Speaking of animals eating; I found this on Imgur today.
Photo Credit: Imgur
I think it is a fair representation of Justin’s and my relationship when it comes to food. Justin is the llama in the background obviously. 

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