Thursday, February 5, 2015

Justin Ascending

Justin: I clicked on this “Cosmo,” article because it was telling me that if I wanted to not be so attracted to Channing Tatum I should click on it.

Me: And???

Justin: Well it talked about how “Magic Mike XXL,” is coming out and how all the ladies can’t stop liking Channing Tatum...

Me: Okay?

Justin: So then they showed a picture of Channing Tatum from “Jupiter Ascending.”

Me: Should I be worried?

Justin: No; I just thought it was funny because he looks so weird in that movie.

Me: Yeah but you clicked on an article telling you how not to be attracted to Channing Tatum. 

Justin: Yeah... 

If you need me I will be wall papering our house with "Jupiter Ascending," Channing Tatums to scare Justin into staying in our relationship.

Photo Credit: Reddit

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