Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One Shade of Grey

I have been painting our walls again. I think it is partly because there is all this to-do going on about "50 Shades of Grey," I seriously see ads for that everywhere. All I can think about is all of the grey paint in our cupboard under the stairs. It would be amazing to finish painting so that I could make the cupboard under the stairs into a homage paying tribute closet to Harry Potter.

Anyway there are some mighty tough spaces to reach in our humble abode. Today the following text conversation transpired with Justin regarding those tough spaces:

Me: Does your dad have one of those stair ladders that can set one side of the legs on one step, and the other legs on the other step?

Justin: Nope

Me: Okay. Hmmm I will have to figure something else out then.

Justin: Ya I'm not sure.

Me: Maybe I will become acrobatic.

Justin: I bet you could.

Me: Can we try this on the stair walls?

Photo Credit: Disney (Emperor's New Groove aka one of the best Disney movies ever)

Justin: Yes we can.

Me: I figure you can use your big toes to hold the paint brush.

Me: You will need to practice tonight by painting me a picture. I prefer a narwhal, but I'll also accept a cat or an elephant.

Justin: I'll get right on it.

So now that this is a blog I can officially hold Justin to his promise. I look forward to the day I can share footart with you. I anticipate nothing less than a masterpiece.

Ps Ian McKellen posted this on Facebook the other day. ♥

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