Monday, April 25, 2016

Mercutio's Mirror

My friend Jessica got me this Hogwarts acceptance letter. It has been framed and sitting on my coffee table for some time. Justin and I are waiting for the stairwell to finish painting itself before we hang things up. 

The stairwell is taking forever and a day to get its shit together so I finally decided to move my letter to a better spot for safekeeping. Tragedy struck as I was fixated on the letter while I started walking out of the room. I had it held out in this way I used to hold a big mirror when I played this game ages ago in my youth. I would watch the ceiling in the mirror as I walked instead of watching the floor. Essentially the reflection of the ceiling was right in my path like a weird fun house. It was entertaining except for that time I fell down the stairs.  For a second with my letter it was kind of like I was playing that game again except I could only see a faint reflection in the glass of the frame. I was trying to focus on the reflection when I ran right into the wall and the corner of the frame impaled me and it was like, "Hogwarts was inside me!"

Damn it universe I want to go inside Hogwarts; not the other way around. I hobbled away in shock and put the framed letter in the pile of other things which will be hung eventually. In the meantime Justin came upstairs and yelled at me. 

Justin: Why are you laying on the floor?

Me: I've been impaled

Justin: What?? are you okay?

Me: No Hogwarts tried to kill me. 

I explained the situation, possibly leaving out the part about the game I played in my youth, and Justin asked to see the damage. I picked up my shirt and showed him gaping wound. 

Justin: That scratch? That is what you are worried about?

Me: a scratch; "ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man!"

Okay seriously like seven tomorrow's have come and I am still here. But I do still have a scab from Hogwarts. And for what it's worth I really do think I could play Mercutio almost as good as this guy. 

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