Thursday, April 21, 2016

When Opooportunity Knocks

You may recall that in the past I found a certain joy in yoga. It started with hot yoga, transitioned to include videos at home, an Iyengar class I took at Boise State, making up my own sequences at home, taking a teacher in training course, and eventually I started teaching Restorative Yoga. It has been lovely.  I try to do yoga every day even if it is just one or two poses.

There exists this wonderful video of a woman doing a quiet sequence on a lovely sunny morning in her perfectly clean apartment while her partner is snoozing peacefully in their crispy white down comforter. She essentially goes through this sequence of advanced poses and looks like a total rock star. Of course I was inspired by this even though I knew that I am not at the same yoga level as she is.

I awoke extra early one morning while Justin snored away in our slightly yellowing down alternative 10+ year old blanket. I got on the floor and began my sequence. It was still relatively dark outside and I could barely see but I had to take the opportunity because in life you just never can tell if an opportunity will present itself again. Not to be all dramatic or anything.

Mid-way in I wound up face down on the floor in a resting pose. My head was turned to one side and I knew my cheek was touching something but I ignored the slightly strange smell and proceeded on with my yoga for another fifteen or so minutes. I looked down once the sun had allowed enough light to creep in and discovered one of Justin's petrified dirty work socks on the floor precisely where my face had been. I chuckled silently and pushed into down dog to finish out my practice. Just then a startlingly loud noise erupted from the bed. Justin had ripped ass.

I may not be as graceful or advanced as the woman in the aforementioned video but one of the first things they teach you in yoga is not to compare yourself to other people. But I'd be willing to bet $ that my boyfriend can fart hers out of the room...
Here is me I swear I did a real handstand but this is me falling back down. 

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