Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rocking the Knee High Socks

We have this RV parking spot in the back yard, or had rather. Historically it was filled with weeds and loads of spiders and rocks. This summer Justin decided to manicure the area. 

He and his dad have done the bulk of the work. Raking the weeds up, removing debris, starting to put down the weed barrier paper, eating Los Betos together etc. I helped a bit with the laying of the weed barrier. That was a mistake because Justin figured out I'm actually good at doing manual labor. Now I'm pretty sure he wants to he wants me to enter a lumberjack contest. Anyway I figured out I need to plan my outfit better when spending hours outside so it doesn't constantly look like I'm wearing knee high socks for the rest of the summer. 

The following weekend I won myself the position of rock washer after my expertise weed paper skills were discovered. Justin decided he wanted to take all of the rocks which had been raked up with the weeds, and rinse each individual stone then place it on top of the weed barrier. No; I'm not kidding. 

Me after one rock: it's so sunny out and I can finally fix my tan lines. 

After five rocks: well I venture to guess I'll be out here for like twenty four more years with how tedious this job is... guess I'll have plenty of time to fix my tan. 

After 100 rocks: there has to be another way to do this this is taking forever and I've covered like three square inches of space in this fucking huge RV spot. 

Justin: do whatever you think would help

I tried using the kitchen strainer, using buckets, using a wheel barrel etc nothing was working quickly 

Justin: there is still a lot of weed debris in with the rocks. Is this your clean pile? (He was pointing to the clean pile I'd worked on for over an hour)

Me: Yes, idiot. I can't believe you thought this was a good idea. 
 (Editing note: sorry Justin you definitely are not an idiot)

Justin: I'll help you. 

Ten minutes elapses... Or maybe another two hours there is no telling really. We both lie down on the weed barrier in defeat. 

Justin: this is really dumb. I'll have my dad come help tomorrow he'll know what to do. 

Me: Yeah okay. Sorry I called you an idiot. 

Tomorrow came and Justin and his dad determined that it was, after all, a bad idea to pursue cleaning off each individual rock. So long story short sometime next week we'll be getting new rocks. Hopefully they don't come with weeds in them. As for those I already cleaned they are in the backyard right where I left them probably collecting more weeds and debris. 

Like how are there not going to be weeds and dirt in there with the new rocks anyway? We should just get plastic rocks like you'd find at the bottom of a fish tank. Even then I'm sure that weeds will eventually blow into the area. Ugh adulting is annoying. 

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