Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pizza tri-fecta

I can have hand tossed pizza from Pizza Hut sans the cheese and crust dust. Because I am always eating and rarely wanting to cook with as much work as I've been doing Justin and I probably get pizza about two times a month. We usually try to trick each other into being the one to suggest getting pizza since it is rather spendy ($15 I guess isn't the end of the world but twice a month for 12 months adds up possibly to $360 but that just doesn't make sense to my fatigued brain because that means pizza costs me a dollar a day. Huh.) anyway obviously our $ comes to the same place so really the argument is more about who is more of a pig I think. 

Last time we got pizza I ordered it because I tend to break like a hostage when it comes to food being wafted before me. I gave Justin a sideways glance once I realized the estimated arrival time was 1.5 hours. I fielded many questions about our pizza and if it was ever coming. Finally it did, and when it did mine had crust dust in it which contains dairy. 

I got to call, wait on hold for ten minutes, talk to someone about crust dust for five minutes, and wait another hour for two new pizzas to be delivered. I was thrilled. Except when I opened them one had fucking crust dust. I was like I'm going to steal all your crust dust you bastards. Except I'm super scared to stand up for myself so really I just watched while crouched in a shadowy corner with my one precious pizza as Justin got three pizzas, and I've been jealous ever since. 

Also here is a cat. 

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