Friday, April 29, 2016

Walk a Day in My Pants

The other day I went into Hastings to rent a couple movies. I was planning to have a girl's day with a friend and then an in-home date night with my main squeeze. 

I was dressed in my fashionable new Hogwarts jogger sweatpants. The person in front of me in line wanted to buy like 12 Elmo shows that she thought she could use a coupon for, and it took like 15 minutes for the associate to explain that she couldn't.  

I tried to prepare as best I could to be 100% ready when she finally surrendered in her Sesame Street battle. I fumbled around in my purse for the keychain sized Hastings rental card which I never find unless I'm not looking for it. So I opted to get my ID out and have it available straight away for the associate. He apologized for the long wait, complimented my awesome threads (Hogwarts pants), and then took my ID. 

I vaguely noticed him pull my ID away from another card. I assumed it was a coffee punch card because I get a new one every time I go to get coffee because I can never find a punch card for the right place and I always feel like I'm cheating on whatever coffee place I'm going to if the catch a glimpse of a competitors' card. And baristas hate me already because I usually order a small iced decaf soy latte with hazelnut and vanilla. 

Anyway he handed my cards back and I said what card did I give you and pulled my ID away to reveal this:

I immediately turned red and said oh I was trying to give you a coupon for free panties. He laughed it off like it was no big deal and the guy behind me was laughing too. I was like awesome you tell me you like my pants and I pretty much invite you into my business. Ugh. And my coupon is expired because it was lost in my 30,000 coffee punch cards and I totally forgot I had it. So I didn't even get free panties. Panties. That's such a gross word. 

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