Friday, April 22, 2016

Loose Cats

Justin has been working his ass off as of late. Of course I suppose there is really nothing new in that statement. We have been carpooling frequently since I've cross-trained into an additional area in my humble job. That area just happens to have an office a couple miles away from Justin's work. This is highly convenient owing to the fact that since we bought our house we're located about 30+/- miles from town. 

The carpooling allows for us to have an extra hour on the way to work together and an hour or two on the way home since we typically hit 5:00 pm traffic. There are days when we get into fights over nonsense things like if there are more motorcycles than cruiser police cars, if it's too hot or cold in the car, why baseball sucks so much etc. Which honestly baseball sucking is not a nonsense topic I really do think the sports world needs to address the situation. Like maybe not take 759 commercial breaks between pitches... 

Anyway sometimes Justin and my shifts differ slightly so one of us is left to wait for the other one to get off work. More often than not it is me who does the waiting which is fine by me. The other day however Justin got to wait for me. Once my work meeting was over I drove to his work. Everyone else had left for the day. I walked into his work which is this warehouse like on "The Office," except with less paper and more pipes. The familiar sound of a basketball being dribbled against the floor echoed from somewhere around the corner. I heard a swoosh and saw my lovely man in my least favorite cut off tank top which he still owns for some god forsaken reason. 

It was like a total "Footloose," scene. Not the Kevin Bacon "Footloose," but the Julienne Hough one where that guy who is not Kevin Bacon does a man dance in this warehouse. And he is all angry and virile while doing pirouettes and leaping across the room. Justin was just like that except all bad ass with his mad basketball skills yet gentle and graceful at the same time. I was like yup. That's my man. Minus the shirt that's him right there guys. By guys I mean the warehouse cats that I can never find because they are feral allegedly but really I just think Justin might be fibbing so he can try to occupy my mind by cat hunting while he is finishing up work. 

Speaking of cats I was waiting for Justin today and took this video of a cat watching petals swirl around in the wind. It was adorable. Silly me I can't remember how to do the video thing. So enjoy these far less satisfying screen shots of the video I took. 

And lastly the search results I received when trying to look up the non-Kevin Bacon "Footloose." Get out of my head google!

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