Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deer Montana, part two

After our death defying experience (which by the way some people may not consider hitting a deer death defying but those people are the kind of people that have handle bar mustaches and put their foot in the camp fire to move the logs around because they aren’t afraid of burning to death) Justin and I left the campsite to get to the house we were staying in. A friend of ours let us borrow a rental property that they have on the outskirts of town. After a brief stop by the police who asked Justin if he was wanted by the FBI because he was unsearchable in the police database (our headlight was missing if you recall the deer took it) we continued on our merry way. 

When we arrived at the property we had to open all of the windows since the entire trailer had been cleaned with bleach. This required us to tour the trailer which led us to a back bedroom that had this in it…

This was the first of many signs that the deer were trying to seek revenge on us. Justin refused to sleep in that room since he was convinced that a Toy Story 4: The Horrific Murder in Montana type scenario was going to play out in the middle of the night. We selected a different room and bundled in for the night. I mentioned in part one that on the drive up we played the ‘what Harry Potter character am I thinking of’ game I decided to continue this with ‘what Disney movie am I thinking of.’

Though it took several minutes for him to figure out what movie I was thinking of; Justin was not amused. I thought it was funny but whatever.

The next morning, after we survived the imminent peril that was a stuffed deer Justin woke up and was making this strange noise. I had never heard him make it before but it was a familiar noise. It was then that I connected some dots and realized that he was mimicking the noise the deer was making when it ran away. It was like he WAS the deer.

I finally got up and showered. I normally walk around in the buff but not in unfamiliar places. The windows were all still open anyway. I put on my fuzzy boots (the carpets were still a bit wet from being cleaned) and persisted to walk around in those and a bra and underwear. I found this in the corner and it was tough not to get my Miley Cyrus on. It was like fate because I pretty much looked like I could be a back-up dancer in her video that everyone hates so much where she humps teddy bears while wearing underwear or whatever.
 Anyway when we left for the day this was outside staring at us... and it was the first of many that we would find outside our trailer for the duration of our visit... It was like they knew and they were coming to haunt us. I honestly believe that they were peeping in our open windows at night but Justin thought that was crazy... Let's not forget who thought that a stuffed animal was going to get him!

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