Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tests, Labs and Bread Clips

I survived another week from hell… How you ask? I have no idea. What day is it, what time is it?!?! Where am I??? Just kidding. But seriously, this week was a nightmare. I had three examinations on Tuesday. After being sick the prior weekend I had little time to study. Fortunately I have been reviewing material often enough since fall semester commenced, and a lot of that information has somehow managed to stick. Two of three test grades are back (A on both). I am pretty sure I bombed the Botany exam though, which is weird since I eat, live, and breathe cupcakes plants. Come to think of it; it all makes sense now… The plants are revolting against me.

After Tuesday came Wednesday (is this a sentence? probably not). On Wednesdays I normally have my Botany Lab but I had to move my Chemistry Lab to that day too so I could have a clear schedule on Friday. Isn’t it making you sick to even try to comprehend the schematics of my schedule? After enduring a million years of tests and labs I am now finished and ready to leave town for Montana[1]. Why am I going to Montana? I’d say the answer is pretty clear. I am going there to murder Justin and bury his body; at least that is what his co-workers think (or so I have been informed). But I can’t murder Justin because if I did there wouldn’t be anyone around to pick on me about throwing away that stupid piece of plastic that keeps the bread bag closed. Does it REALLY prolong the bread life to have a piece of plastic on the bag? I think not.

In all seriousness I am actually going to Montana for one of my best friend’s weddings. I am looking forward to the adventure. Justin and I are driving so that leaves a lot of time to argue about plastic things on bags of bread[2] catch up since we have both been so busy in preparation for the weekend. We also have only ever had one vacation together which consisted of a trip less than 24 hours long to Jackpot, Nevada. I have also never been to Montana so that makes one more state I can cross off from the states I have visited list. Mostly, I am looking forward to watching one of my dearest friends get hitched.

In an entirely unrelated topic; I had a radio competition with some of the 19-ish year old ‘I think I am so thug’ boys at the stop light by the parking garage at the university today. Two cars in the lane next to me which were low to the ground, tinted window, rims etc. were bumping their bases in what seemed to be a ‘my radio is better than yours’ kind of situation. Well, luckily for them Mariah Carey's “Hero,” came on the radio and I showed them who was boss. While I endured strange glances from those in the crosswalk directly in front of me I persisted to lift my arm; reaching towards the sky. How do you not get all into it when Mariah Carey is singing? Anyway I think I won. 
Mariah Carey in the flesh... also what I probably looked like to the pedestrians in the cross walk. And yes, my face probably looked exactly like this even though I was too embarrassed to sing with the windows down. I am not sure what Mariah is singing about here but I think it might have something to do with bread clips and how unimportant they are.

[1] I should also mention that today I attended three classes and made a pit stop to see a long lost friend in between. Though the visit was short we had wondrous conversations about mystery meat (more on that later), hobbit feet and how truly extraordinary they are, fat necked dogs, and children who wake up in the dark (5:00AM) because they want to partake in the spoils of ice cream (I think this particular kid must be related to me. I often awake dreaming of food and then satisfy my cravings… or just eat while I am still asleep).
[2] Please don’t let my candid behavior regarding plastic things make you think that the BF and I are fighting because we totally aren’t. I am just hoping to drive my point home regarding the dumb plastic things. After all now there is published work on the interwebs that states those plastic things are pointless.
Look a picture this solidifies it.

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