Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I should have stayed bundled up in bed today. The weather is taking a turn towards fall. Today's high is something in the mid fifties. There have been smatterings of rain in town too. As much as I am ready for fall and pumpkin everything part of me wishes it was summer all year long.

I had my Botany lab this morning. I threw on my favorite grey sweatshirt, some comfy jeans and my slippers from Roxy which are appropriately called "hot cocoa" slippers because they just make me want to cozy up to a roaring fire somewhere with a book and a blanket.
Things went well for the first part of lab (the instructions lecture) I half paid attention while I day dreamed about sleeping... The five-ish hours I got last night just is not cutting it today. Our lab instructor wrapped up his discussion and set us loose to tackle the day's task.

I am partnered with two guys in that class. I was standing talking to one of them when the other one walked up and then I mistakenly stepped on his foot. I over compensated when I stepped off and literally, without even thinking, grabbed his butt in an effort to steady myself and to console him for the foot injury. I immediately felt myself go red in the face and apologized for grabbing his ass. He told me in a joking manner that it was fine because he worked out.

My other lab partner caught on to my crazy a long time ago. He just looked at me in a 'what else should we expect from you,' kind of a way. I felt terrible! I kept staring at the floor too afraid to look at anyone who may come in my line of vision because after all there might just be another molestation. I fondle Justin's ass pretty much every five minutes when we are together. He is quite... shall we say gifted in the ass department. Apparently I have been conditioned to react to any circumstance by grabbing someone's ass because of the wonderful gift that is Justin's voluptuous ass. Hmm.. I sound like a sexual predator.

Anyway all of this ass talk reminded me of something
This happened approximately 2-2.5 months in to the beginning of our relationship yet Justin still stayed with me. Miraculous!

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