Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mean Girls

I always compliment random people in random places. Particularly females. If I see someone wearing a cute article of clothing I make a point to tell them they look nice. I just know how far a compliment can go for me in the midst of a mundane day; especially since I have poor self-confidence.

I was walking towards the parking garage today after class and I was in a particularly good mood considering that I was done for the day. I saw a really cute younger girl who was wearing this very well put together outfit. I told her that I liked her outfit when I passed her... she responded by saying to her friend;

"Oh my God did you hear that gross lesbian just hit on me?"

... really? Really??? It was so hard not to turn around and rip her a new one. I still kind of wish that I had. If someone compliments you, are you that far above them that you must respond in such a foul manner? How could telling someone that their outfit is nice be misconstrued into hitting on them unless it is said in a suggestive tone or something. And why the hell was the word gross said before lesbian? Am I gross? Does she think lesbians are gross (how judgmental)? Both?? UGH.

I can tell you this, if I was a lesbian I would not want anything to do with that girl. Funny how I thought she was so esthetically pleasing. Now if I see that girl no matter what she is wearing she is going to seem ugly to me.

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