Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lost in the Storm

I'm writing this from the car so I apologize in advance for any typos. I'm awaiting Justin to get off work so I can drive him home... technically this is his car mine is in the shop getting a tune up. He has been nice enough to permit me to use his car while mine is getting worked on.

Today I had my first Organic Chemisrty test. I'm pretty terrified about what the outcome will be. I've heard countless horror stories about how hard Organic Chemistry is. I wanted to be comfortable during my imminent doom (the test) so I wore sweat pants and slippers.

A damn near hurricane started while I was leaving class. Rather than wait five minutes for the treacherous showers to pass I braved the storm. My slippers soaked all the way through within about ten steps out of the building. This is like the 100th time that has happened to me though; yet I keep wearing slippers to class despite the ominous grey clouds I witness before leaving my apartment in the morning which pretty much are a guaranteed precursor to rain.

I kept on trucking towards the parking garage. Soon the water was creeping up my sweat pants. I looked down and noticed they were utterly and completely soaked up to my mid shin. I persisted on my journey; my slippers making a squelching noise with every quickened step. My pants trying to creep down my ass from the weight of the water as I was sopping up BSU's campus puddles. You're welcome fellow students for being your Moses and parting the sea with my sweat pants. 

At last I made it to the parking garage but could not recall where I parked. On the third floor I finally spotted the car and stood there with the key in the lock wondering why it wouldn't turn. Then I realized it wasn't the right car! Why do they let the keys go in the key hole??? A few curious passerbys glanced in my direction hopefully they did not realize what was actually going on while I was making a motion which somewhat resembled air humping whilst trying to jimmy the door open. If they were privy to what was going on they were probably too distracted by my pants because I bet everyone was still bragging about how Moses and his magic pants were on campus moments ago parting the sea of doom. 

I circled the parking garage down to level two and finally found the proper vehicle. I quickly got settled and drove away just in case one of those passerby people had been keen to what was really going on, and were reporting me and my wet pants to the proper authorities which could have been the fashion police, religious zealots or the real police... could have gone any way really. There would be no mistaking that I was the perpetrator though. At least I had disassembled my gun though, just in case anyone caught me.
Just kidding... Just a chemistry kit gun fashioned with bonds and Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms... Dear Reader; I won't be surprised either if I fail my chemistry test... Definitely failed gun making.

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