Friday, September 6, 2013

Lost in Time

Today was a weird day. I'm absolutely exhausted from all of my classes running over. Yesterday I stayed an hour and ten minutes after botany lab to plant some seedlings in the greenhouse. It seems like every class lets out five to ten minutes late which is tough since it minimizes what little free time I have between classes. 

Enough of that though. Justin and I celebrated our ten month anniversary. I wasn't feeling too well so we stayed in and watched a few movies. I've been looking forward to watching "Now You See Me" the magic movie. Well Justin had rented it and "To the Wonder." He checked imdb before we started watching the movies and said something about Rachel McAdams. I assumed he was referring to the "Now You See Me" movie. The whole time we watched the magic movie I thought she was the secret mastermind behind everything since it never showed her. Spoiler alert (not really) it WASN'T Rachel McAdams. 

Anyway the second movie was a drag. Barely any dialogue was spoken. The little that was, was mostly in French. I took the liberty of "translating" the movie. I narrated it the best way I knew how. Basically a whole lot of over exaggerated description in a terrible accent which sounded remarkably like Sloth from " The Goonies." I'm pretty sure I won't have an eleven month anniversary with how much I annoyed Justin. 

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