Friday, March 27, 2015


Sometimes Justin gets jealous. Remember the umbrella from Christmas?

Today I took a friend some birthday balloons (so many birthdays in March by the way. Most of my favorite people were born this month; sister, both of my best friends, Justin's dad, Justin's close family friend who I adore, and one of my favorite Aunts) anyway I found this gem at the store. 

He was so big I had to buckle him in to prevent him from flying away. I got several strange stares while I was at stoplights but it was totally awesome having a co-pilot. 

I know how much Justin adores Olaf so I couldn't not get him something (thats right-I just typed a double negative). Justin likes Taz a lot so this is what I picked up for him and he was thrilled :)
I swear balloons (the non-latex kind) are amazing to receive. It's like a little reminder of childhood. 

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