Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nesting in the Dungeon

I have been training in a dungeon-like, windowless basement room of one of the main hospitals for my job over the past few days. It has been interesting to put it nicely. I think the room we are in used to be a storage closet because it is so small. 

I have the luck of sitting by the one hospital employee who still smokes. I'm pretty sure we don't hire smokers but I must be wrong. Aside from the stank I must say she is highly irritating. One of those ask 1,000,001 questions types. Not the Hermione Granger kind either. Ugh. I can tell you that Michael from "The Office," really was on to something when he said:

The lack of vitamin D must really be getting to me. I did find a quiet spot to enjoy my quick breaks and my lunch. It was on the third floor at the end of an empty corridor. Someone had the brilliance of setting up a few chairs right where the afternoon sun shines through. This afternoon I found maintenance men wheeling away all the furniture. I tried to tell them they were stealing my quiet spot but they told me it was upper managements problem. I think perhaps someone watched me eat lunch like an angry wolverine and thusly had to make an executive decision to destroy my nest before I came back. That or it was the hieroglyphics I drew on the wall in my nook. Jerks. 

All in all I do love my actual job however this training business feels endless. Thankfully I only have one more day of it than I'll be able to return to the real world. And with any luck my visits to this particular hospital location will be very minimal. 

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