Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monsters Illustrated

You know that whole dress business that blew up social media? I'm wasn't planning on bringing that up since the whole thing was pointless really; however Justin had a strange phenomenon occur today involving an optical illusion. For me it really pointed back to the blue/black -white/gold dress business. 

Justin: Have you seen the new "Sports Illustrated" magazine cover?

Me: Yes the one with her pants pulled down?

Justin: No she isn't wearing pants it is the swimsuit edition. 

Me: Swimsuit bottoms, pants, potato, pot-ah-to what's the difference?

Justin: Anyway she looks like a monster from far away and it is really scary. 

Me: ... What?

Justin: Haven't you noticed it? It was so creepy in the store today. Maybe it is a joke edition. 

Me: I don't think so?

Justin has been mentioning that he needs new contacts but I think he should keep the kind that make half naked model women appear monstrous. He literally searched online to see if he could determine if a fake edition of "Sports Illustrated" had been distributed. Of course he came up empty handed :) I like to think his undying, worship the ground I walk on, love for me is the culprit of the optical illusion he witnessed. 

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