Thursday, March 5, 2015

Every Boobies Working For The Weekend

So I have an exciting announcement. I'm officially a working woman. I may have already announced that I snagged a job. If I have I apologize for my anticlimactic post. 

I am super excited to be working with boobs. Checking them out...and in to be precise. I'll be working with a breast care center that is all over Idaho and Oregon. There are several different offices that I get to rotate between constantly so things will never be boring. I even get to travel on the mobile unit in the summer to service rural areas with mammograms.

I'm just wrapping up week one of training. So far so good. Tomorrow after my last shift of the week one of my best friends is coming up to visit from Utah so all in all it has been a pretty darn good week :) 

In honor of the working class (myself included) I present "garbage men taking a break," as found on Reddit. I wish I had swings by my work. Of course then is never work... 

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