Thursday, March 26, 2015

Closing the Curtains

Today was one of those uber hectic days at the office. My morning was pretty great. I successfully drove to work which in and of itself is amazeballs because you may recall the issue I was having with driving. I find that each time I drive I am able to go a little bit farther. This is good news since I am 7.5 weeks into the start of that whole mess. Hopefully it will completely be resolved in no time. My evil kidney stone is still camping out in my ureter however despite my best rain dances and voodoo to make it come out. Bastard.

Anyway like I was saying today was quite hectic at the office. Yesterday my iPhone experienced the blue screen of death so I attempted to visit AT&T after work today so I could pick up a replacement phone. Apparently AT&T does not handle those requests; Apple must take care of it directly. I was a little irritated at this point but I proceeded to the store to grab the one item I needed before heading home for the day.

I stood at the end of a very long line and was affronted with the woman in front of mes ass cheek and what may have possibly been a vaginal lip hanging out of her cutoff jean shorts from 1979. I argued mentally for the entire time I was standing in line about whether or not I should tell her about what she looked like from behind. I eventually decided that it was not my place to tell her. I definitely like to be made aware of flaws on my person when I am in public to save me from embarrassment later on however if someone told me my crotch was hanging out I would probably be mortified so I figure some things are better left unsaid. Ignorance is bliss after all, or so they say. Besides maybe she could feel her beef curtain (or possible ass roll) blowing in the wind, and wanted it that way. Who am I to deprive her of this?
This would probably be my face if someone told me my beef curtain was out

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