Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Shall Not Pass

I wrote this like a week ago:
I think Galdalf is living inside of me. Not just in a spirit animal kind of way but literally. I have been waiting and waiting for this kidney stone to pass and it simply refuses. The only logical explanation is that Gandalf is in my ureter screaming "You shall not pass!" to my kidney stone. 

Fast forward to today: 
I'm proud to announce I passed an 8mm kidney stone yesterday afternoon. It was quite a surprise considering that was 4 times bigger than I had been told it would be. Thank goodness that madness is over for now. The darn thing had a very sharp point on it (kind of reminds me of a weird shaped goat head) so it cut me like a hardened prisoner all the way out of my urinary system. But I won, dear kidney stone. I won. 

Hopefully I will get to discover the makeup of said stone and prevent them from ever occurring ever again. For now (until I visit my urologist) I shall carry it around in my purse and brandish it at anyone who threatens me. Or perhaps I will put it under my pillow and see if the kidney stone fairy comes. Here is what I think he looks like:

Finally I'm not a doctor and this in no way constitutes as medical advice but i'd like to share how I passed my stone. The evening prior to my passing it I drank hot water with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar and lemon. Worked like a charm I guess... That or it was a coincidence. 

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