Friday, March 27, 2015


Justin and I have been trying to be more proactive with finding couples we can double date with. We try to be on our best behavior when we are out on the town however our best behavior isn't that great.

One of our mutual friends landed a girlfriend some time ago which we were pretty excited about. Unfortunately since we moved out to the country (my nice way of describing our hour commute to the city) we haven't seen much of anyone. We were at the drive thru at a local to us coffee shop a few weeks back after a hot yoga class (before tragedy struck with my kidney stone) when we recognized the barista.

Justin: Isn't that...???

Me: Our friend's girlfriend???

Justin: Yes that is what I was going to say. We have been here like 100 times and seen her like 50 times so how have we not figured that out?

Me: I have only ever seen her on Facebook; you met her in person.

Justin: I only met her one time! Should we tell her we know who she is?

Me: If I wasn't topless I might agree to that
*note- after hot yoga I am obviously drenched in sweat so putting a shirt on it out of the question

Justin: She won't notice; maybe we can finally go on a double date from the Super Bowl bet we made two years ago.

Me: Yeah we will be like 'Hey remember us? Oh you want to know why I don't have a shirt on and why we stink really bad and are drenched in sweat? Never you mind about that sister; let's schedule a double date. In fact why don't we go right now? I'll let you smell my feet!'

Then she would totally go home to her man and be like; 'Hey boyfriend can you tell your weird and unusually sweaty friends not to come through the coffee shop drive thru anymore because we have a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy and Justin's girlfriend was totally breaking the rules. PS Let's never go on a double date with them because they stink.'

We didn't alert the barista to the fact that we knew who she was. Then Justin didn't tip her and it pretty much solidified why we have slim pickin's for double date candidates in our lives.  

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