Friday, March 27, 2015

I Like to Poop at Home too Chris Brown

Sometimes, I think because I am deaf in one ear, I have trouble with properly interpreting lyrics in songs. Often years later I discover the true words intended for songs I had misunderstood for half my life. With the vast inter webs now I can typically remedy any confusion I have by Googling lyrics. 

There has been this new song called "Ayo," which I have been obsessed with. It's a rap song. Today I watched the video. It starts with Chris Brown taking a selfie in front of a pool that he is dumping money into. Next it cuts to Tyga and he sends a photo of a big gold toilet then the song commences. 

I swear it said: "I'm a bitchy ass n$@#~ I like to poop at home." It seemed fitting since they were sending photos of toilets but I couldn't fathom why they would call themselves bitchy ass. Plus who doesn't prefer to poop at home? Anyway turns out I was totally wrong. I'm not sure if my misunderstanding of this song or Justin's of "black widow" was worse but at least we are two peas in a pod. 

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