Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I was sitting in class this evening daydreaming about summer. I couldn't help but notice the girl who sits a row in front of me playing with her feet. She often does this during class and it drives me nuts. She puts her fingers between her toes and then touches her face and hair etc. She was really going at it today for several minutes. Finally all that toe business made her hungry so she reached down and grabbed a bag of Cheetos. I sat in awe as she would repeatedly reach into the bag, eat a handful of the puffs then lick the very fingers that she had been putting between her bare toes. I wondered why it was that she just didn't save herself the trouble and use her foot as a hand...

"Miss. Cheetos" has a friend who sits in the row in front of her. He turned around during our break and they chatted for a minute or so before I heard her offer him a dirty foot-germ contaminated Cheeto. When he accepted I must have turned 50 shades of grey except not in the sexual/spanking way; more like in the amused, yet disgusted, yet wanting to laugh and vomit at the same time kind of way. I shuddered as he took a Cheeto from her hand and put it in his mouth.

My face when he ate the Cheeto. Photo Credit:

I will NEVER accept food from a stranger ever again unless I know that feet haven't been involved. This gives a whole new meaning to "cheesy" for me too.. uggh her toe jam probably livened up the sharp cheddar taste I vaguely recall from the last Cheeto I ate ohh... five years or so ago. Gross!

Okay so this cat is pretty darn cute, and makes me feel slightly less grossed-out. I hope it does the same for you.           Photo Credit: Really weird thread about Niki Minaj

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