Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Owl Be All Right

This has been me lately when I come home.

Photo Credit: I can't remember where I found this!

I have been so busy that when I come home that is pretty much all that I do. I have lost motivation to do homework, and often wait until the last minute to start. Which is bound to get me in trouble... but will probably keep happening. I am counting down the days (37) until the end of the semester; of course I suppose that hasn't changed since I have been doing that since the beginning.

A couple of quick updates: for my trip back to New Hampshire, and New York this summer my uncle (who lives in Oregon) will be coming along. I am ecstatic about this since he and my father (his brother) have not seen each other in ages. Yay.

Also I have been volunteering in the hospital holding premature babies (in addition to the chemo room and front desk). What an experience that has been. I will say it is very hard to let go of the little ones who don't make it. Very hard. It is the strangest thing... I have felt more connected to those tiny little people than most others as of late. I think I am just on overload as I am pressing through this last 6 week push. But the end is near, :) and I will get there in no time.

PS I must remind you that the second installment of "The Hobbit" releases on DVD this evening. I may or may not watch it and put off homework there is no telling really :)

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