Monday, July 21, 2014

Cake Boss

So this weekend was cool. 

Saturday night Justin was like: “I’m going to get Jack in the Box.” 
Me: “Really you are going to the place that gave me explosive diarrhea from hell food poisoning in the most delicate and girlish manner?”

Justin: “Yeah I want a meat treat box.” (note- I can’t remember what the hell those dumb meaty boxes are called that are only available at certain hours.)

Me: “Really, I was sick for like six days straight because of those assholes.”

Justin: “So do you want some curly fries?”

Anyway the evening ended with me riding passenger to the trip to Jack in the Box with the promise of cake. Though I thought strongly of throwing fecal matter in through the drive thru window I withheld my urges, mostly because I didn’t have any poop but partially because everyone would probably think I was committing a hate crime.

What was the worst part you ask? Whole Foods allegedly did not have any cake or cupcakes for me. But don’t worry Justin did get me some vegan nutritional shakes that were chocolate flavored. I smell something fishy. Oh, and if my most loyal reader is reading this right now he will be like “hey I got you cake balls,” and I would be like “those are only one mouthful I need more than that to placate me so they don’t count.” And he will be like “fine I am never bringing you balls of cake ever again.” I would respond by saying “fine cake balls count.” And for the first time ever I think Justin just won an argument weird. Of course it was really me winning an argument on his behalf so does it really count? Either way I should be rewarded... with cake of course. 
Don't let that innocent smile fool you. Photo Credit: jackinthebox

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