Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Life Motto is a Robot

Remember when Justin had a hotness plan like forever ago? Well, he is at it again. This evening we were in the pool enjoying a swim after he worked out. He kept remarking about treading water to lose weight. 

Justin: Are you going to eat those rolls from the store?

Me: No, I don't like them as much as the buns I normally get. 

Justin: *sigh, I wish you bought less carbs. 

Fast forward...

Justin: I'm hungry. 

Me: Put the broccoli on the stove then (potatoes were in the oven-there are no carbs in potatoes if Justin asks)

Justin: you just ate pie and ice cream and you suggest I eat broccoli?

Me: pie has carbs

Moral of the story? When I went to the store to buy lettuce and ended up with pie and vegan ice cream (don't worry I bought two bunches of kale and a head of leafy lettuce to cancel out the fat because that is how that works) I didn't know that it would all be for me, but it looks like it is! Win-Win. Gosh I would be really good at conflict resolution because I say win-win a lot. 

In other news I tried to take a quiz today and got this as a result. 

Apparently no quote from Disney is good enough at encompassing my life motto. Probably because no Disney character ever said "let's cancel out the fat in pie with three heads of lettuce," or "Lets go feed the narwhals donuts." But that robot makes sense. And I think he is trying to tell me to stop takin quizzes. 

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