Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I am Not A Pretty Woman

I took one of those dumb quizzes the other day that I am completely and utterly addicted to, and it told me I was a whore. The title of the quiz was “What Movie Was Made Based on Your Life,” or something similar. Since I have this strange obsession when those quizzes pop up to immediately complete the quiz, I could not resist when I saw a friend of mine had completed it. I thought it was comical that my girlfriend who had taken the quiz had a result of “Man of Steel.” I wondered if mine would warrant the same response since I am quite manly if I do say so myself. 

I happily went through the motions of answering vague, superficial questions and soon enough my results were being tallied. It was like; the movie that was made based on your life is “Pretty Woman.” So basically that quiz thinks I am a prostitute who gets kicked out of high end shops in Beverly Hills, California. For the record I do not have sex for money, and do not get kicked out of stores in California. Of course there was that one time that I was kicked out of my gynecologist's office like 8 years ago... so there is that. But that was in Boise so it doesn't count. *Sigh unfortunately while I don’t look very good in the color red (as my good friend Julia Roberts does), I do find that I like gerbils and so does Richard Gere so at least there is that similarity. 
Photo Credit: http://www.thestudioexec.com/2013/07/hollywood-legends-richard-gere-and.html

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