Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Harry Potter Glasses For Cats

Me: Quit making me wash stuff

Me: Also I am hungry

Justin: What stuff?

Me: I think I am hungry because I have just been diagnosed with washer woman’s disease. Also mother’s wrist and mother’s thumb…which is weird because I am not a mom. But I do hold all of those babies in the NICU now my hand has morphed into being a mother. I wonder if the rest of me will magically change.

Justin: Um say what?

Me: I said I was hungry. Soon to be hangry- you know when you are so hungry you start to get angry.

Justin: I understood that, what about the rest?

Me: Well I have washer woman’s disease so I’m not allowed to do laundry or dishes for like 18 months.

Justin: What makes you think you have that?

Me: Also mother’s wrist and thumb so be prepared for children because they will probably be knocking on our doors once they realize that my hand is trying to magically morph me. Because they know I have cookies/cake/or chocolate in the house.

Me: Finkelstein makes me think that I have washer woman’s disease. He made up a test and put it on Wikipedia. Everyone knows that Wiki is the most accurate source for medical diagnoses.

Justin: Wiki knows best

Me: I think all of the cats that knock on our door will think I am an excellent mom too. Probably because they can watch me eat cookies, cake and chocolate all day because it is always in this house… except when I am hangry. Cats can’t have chocolate so every time I eat chocolate I am saving a cat.

Justin: You are sweet.

Me: Speaking of cats we need to see if they make Harry Potter glasses in cat sizes.


Me: Great, Now about my being hangry-what say you?


That is what he sent. Then I fell asleep which is unfortunate because I did not get to eat cake first but such is life. Also someone needs to invent Harry Potter glasses for cats, because these photos are clearly photo shopped.

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