Monday, July 14, 2014

The Nightmarish Army on Elm Street

Justin and I have been falling victim to that Elm beetle army front that is slowly taking over the city. This makes sense because we do live on Elm street. It is quite nightmarish. The other day, before Justin left to visit his parents, we saw one of these outside our apartment door.

Photo Credit: Extremely brave man

The following conversation has transpired via text.

Me: Remember that beetle we saw that looked really maniacal, and had horns for days?

Justin: Nope, no clue about a beetle at all. How is watching Harry Potter?

Me: Really? You don't remember? Not the 1000s of beetles that have been outside our windows but that big mofo dressed in camo like he was plotting some sort of attack. He was crawling really evilly.  

Justin: Nope don't remember seeing that, sure it wasn't your imagination?

Me: Also remember how I said I smelled something weird in here earlier? Well the smell is still here. Did you ever step on one of those one beetles by accident when you were a kid and it stunk everything up? I think this is a similar situation.

Justin: Did you step on a beetle?

Me: No, I would have known had I stepped on that particular beetle because it would have carried me around the apartment complex since I am 1/100th of its size.

Justin: Then what is the smell?

Me: I think it is that big beetle in here hiding and farting.

Justin: No your big butted man is over here.

Me: You are impossible.

Justin: Impossible to resist?

Me: You probably put that beetle in here and told it to fart while watching me watch Harry Potter.

Justin: I'm not that clever.

Turns out it was the Elm beetles causing the musty smell. I had placed a sticky trap on the window sill in hopes of quelling the army, and the few that had fallen onto it had released their noxious gasses.

In my defense of accusing the innocent party, this particular bug (super huge ass one) looks guilty.

I am not sure who this fearless man is click here but he got some awesome photos of this Balsam Fir Sawyer beetle. Yes it is named Sawyer; how something so scary looking could posses the same name as my niece I will never know. 

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