Thursday, April 9, 2015


I've been having fun at all of the locations I get to rotate between at my new job. (Is it weird that every time I say job mentally I annunciate it as yob like the little boy does in that super old "Fun With Dick and Jane," Jim Carrey movie [circa 2005 {incidentally there is not a meme on the Internet to represent what I am speaking of (or I just can't find one [it could be me really {are you getting lost in my tunnel of parentheses because I know I am}])}]) Anyway I have this thing for art and photography and apparently so do hospital decorators because they like to put it on the hospital walls. Weird I know who would ever dream of such a thing besides me. Putting art on walls. 

Long story short I found my favorite piece of art thus far this week. Behold:

'What a neat barn,' you say. We'll take a closer look my friends:

Amazeballs. Unfortunately this is not for sale. It is also roughly 3 feet tall and 2-2.5 feet wide so I really wouldn't have anywhere to put it except on the ceiling above my bed but I doubt as though justin would go for that. He did however suggest that I knick it because he doesn't think the hospital will notice. Such a bad influence Justin is on me. 

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