Saturday, April 11, 2015

Junk Drawer

I made up a word today. 

Justin and I were downstairs on the couch after an evening apart; each with our own friends. I went to a dinner with friends and he went to a man shower. I was feeling glum since I had missed my bigger butted half throughout the evening... mostly when I was reading about rump roasts on the restaurant menu. 

I am deaf in one ear so sometimes when my ear is facing things in close proximity to it the sound emanating from said things is deafening. My ear was facing Justin's big toe which kept hitting the couch cushion in a strange fashion. I literally thought shots were being fired outside. Luckily I was wrong and all he was doing was flexing his toe. 

I was a bit on edge after what I'd assumed was a shooting spree ended which is what I attribute to my momentary spark of brilliance in coining a new phrase. I work best under pressure you see. So if ever I am in a stand off, or getting kidnapped I will be like 'quick sir (or m'am whoever the perpetrator is) write down this new word I invented and use it as your own 'til the end of your days.' Then they would think I was so smart that they probably wouldn't kill me which is cool also. 

Now the moment you've all been waiting for which really now that I think of it isn't that cool. Justin had his hand down his pants since he was being manly and I said "Hey get your hand out of your junk drawer!" Get it? Junk and drawer or drawers. Yes I know....not *that* cool but still proud of it. 

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