Monday, April 20, 2015

Pee is for Puke

Remember when I had that kidney stone? My doctor ordered me to pee in a jug for 24 hours straight, store it in my fridge, and then mail it via FedEx to the lab... Hopefully we will find out why I passed the Rock of Gibraltar. Here is the most important instruction I was giving (in bold at the bottom)

I took my piss with me to work today because I had to schedule for FedEx to come and collect it since I have zero time to drop it off. Talk about awkward. I kept wondering if the delivery driver knew the contents of my biohazard bag were when he came to pick it up. We spent like ten minutes trying to photo copy the label on the package because apparently I wasn't supposed to keep the copy that said "sender's copy." Anyway all I could think was; 'oh my gosh the cap is going to fall off my piss bottle and my pee is going to simultaneously ruin the copier and cause me to be electrocuted. Fortunately I survived. 

Now we wait to find out what the dealy-o is. I should probably just stop eating rocks. 

In the meantime Justin has  had a terrible bout of the flu. He has been up worshiping the porcelain God since about 2:00 am. I had the flu shot months ago because I had no choice if I wanted to continue to volunteer. Now I'm thanking my lucky stars that I was forced into getting it. This morning I enjoyed my oatmeal while in the midst of strange retching noise emitting periodically from the bathroom. Hopefully the storm will pass soon. 

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