Friday, April 24, 2015

Is Imitation the Finest Form of Flattery?

I went for a walk after work yesterday because I have been slacking in the exercise arena. Justin managed to arrive home before I did and greeted me with confusion. 

Justin: What is that?

Me: What? (Looking behind me)

Justin: Your jacket 

Me: Oh I bought this awhile ago I just haven't worn it because I haven't exercised since I bought it. 
(That is not me by the way)

Justin: you look like you're getting ready for a bike ride. 

Me: I do???

It may not be evident as to why this statement bothered me so much but allow me to explain. At the time I ordered the jacket I was being trained by this most fabulous individual at my work. She really enjoys bike riding. When I picked out the jacket I picked it just because I thought it was cute and I actually owned some similar jackets but in more muted tones (sans the bright pink one). The fact that Justin immediately thought it looked like a bike riding jacket kind of threw me. Oh my gosh-I thought-was I just subconsciously copying someone without even realizing it?? 

I have my own style and have had it for many years. Yes it has evolved to keep up with the times but it is and always has been my own. Throughout my life it has driven me bonkers when I notice people copying me; the clothes I wear, my hair color/style, my life goals... I mean I realize I'm not the first person to rock my hairstyle I've rocked for ohhhh- 95% of my life or dream up certain career goals I have but when you meet someone, hear all about their aspirations, truly love the individual that they are and then watch as they start leeching onto you, next they start copying little things; your style of dress, your hair, and then all of the sudden their life dream is the same as yours it just feels...??? Well I don't know that there is a word for it. 

Is imitation truly the finest form of flattery? I think not. I think loving the person YOU are is the finest form of flattery. I think slowly robbing others of their character is boring. There is only one "you" in this world. Embrace it.  

Ps I'm keeping the jacket. Not only because it smells like BO after my walk but because I like it and I was not intentionally copying my biker chick friend when I picked it out. Also yellow is my favorite color; if this even is yellow. I seriously have trouble distinguishing between colors but it looks yellow to me :)
PPS if you want to copy me and buy this jacket sorry- the store I bought it from sold out :) 

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