Monday, April 27, 2015

Feeling Horse

Me: Sometimes when I drive I like to pretend I'm riding a horse. 

Justin: What?

Me: Especially when we go over these bumpy parts of the road it's like we're trotting on uneven ground. 

Justin: okay weirdo. 

In my defense I'm not sure that Justin has ever ridden a horse. If he had it was probably in his youth because it would take a giant horse to cart around his big bottom these days ;) I kid I kid. 

In all seriousness though when did we decide to stop riding horses to work? I mean how awesome would that be to just meander on into work with your horsey, tie it up outside (or perhaps let it go play in a special horse corral area??), go pet it during lunch and then ride it home. I vote we bring horses back into the transportation industry more so than they are now. Heck then maybe I could buy a buggy and put some cats in there. Win-win. 

Ps I have been delirious the past few days because I caught Justin's weird stomach bug so if this doesn't make any sense I blame that. 

Pps I asked Justin and he said he has not ridden a horse. So I'll be on the lookout for one of these. If you find one tell me :)

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