Friday, May 1, 2015


It's Friday; always a cause for celebration, and it's May 1st. Where has this year gone?

Justin and I made a pact-ish with the commencement of the new month. We agreed to try to not eat out for the whole month. I kicked off our agreement today at lunch

If I were on Twitter I would write hashtag winning because that is what tweeter people do. 

Justin and I went for a walk after work and I stepped in a pile of brown  stuff which I'm pretty sure was poop mixed with mud but I kept walking because I was wearing flip flops and I just felt like spreading the love of my possible poop foot all over the school's (where we were walking) track field. Anyway it reminded me of a first date I went on before Justin a few years ago where someone put their dirty foot on my face. *shudder. 

Happy weekend. I hope yours is slightly less smelly than mine. 

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