Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kicking off the weekend

Today was perfectly steady at work. Things were going along smoothly and the sunshine even decided to make an appearance after yesterday's blustery rain storm. I delightedly prepared for one of my BFFs to arrive so we could have our lunch date. Then I received a message from Justin: Hey can I send you a photo of something without you getting mad?

Me: okay? (Thinking the worst like he ran over a cat or was macking on a girl)

The photo arrives and I apologize for the suspense but I can not place it on my blog. I know what you're thinking; it's a penis! No it wasn't a penis but it was a very mangled big big toe which was even bigger than normal and had the toenail hanging by a skin strand *shudder. Turns out Justin was trying to be Superman and carry huge things around his work while probably shouting "look at me guys," He failed miserably. 

He did eventually go to the doctor and got the unfortunate diagnosis of a broken toe. How on earth anything is strong enough to break his monstrous toe? I'll never know. Now it looks like his foot is constantly giving a thumbs up since his big toe is hella huge. 

Way to kick of the weekend Justin... Pun intended. 

Anyway it is past the midnight hour and I must close this blog for now. I painted all afternoon once I was off work up until about a half an hour ago. This is me being a martyr because this is the one time Justin hasn't been able to help with a house project. Now we have one more room down in our casa all thanks to yours truly. I'll post photos later of my handy work. Now I just need to get one of those things Michelangelo had so I'm able to sprawl out on my back while painting a mural of Justin's big butt on the ceiling. 

Ps here is a photo of my new bag. 

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