Saturday, May 9, 2015

Painting Partay

Here are my promised painting photos. This morning I did some touch ups and painted our upstairs hall. I'm running out of rooms to paint which is good. 

This is the only before photo I have: 

It only took six samples to find the color I was looking for. I now question if it is too dark, but Justin claims he loves it and wants the whole house painted in it. 

The eventual plan is to refinish/restain  the cabinets. I think once that is done I will feel better about the color. 

One more photo to showcase my matchy matchy skills 

Apparently even with all the painting I did today I hadn't had my fill so I worked on a Mother's Day gift for my mom...I feel bad she has to hang this crappy picture in her house but that is her special reward for having birthed me. 

Fortunately it's a rather small picture. It is supposed to be Totoro under a cherry blossom three, but it resembles a gravestone with rabbit ears. 

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