Sunday, May 24, 2015

Panties in a Bunch?

Justin: Quit turning my clothes inside out before you fold them. 

Me: I'm not turning your clothes inside out. 

Justin: Well if it's not you then the washer and dryer are doing it and you should put everything right side out. 

Me: Actually it's you when you take off your clothes you turn them inside out. 

Justin: No. Have you ever seen a washer work before? Have you ever been inside the machine?

Me: I have seen one work, yes. I haven't been in one but I can assure you if I had I would not be turned inside out. 

Justin: Well it's the dryer then. My laundry was never inside out before. 

Me: Yeah, because your mom fixed it. 

Justin: No. Our dryers are just very different. 

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