Sunday, May 3, 2015

Heat Waive

Today was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. I laid out in the sunshine while reading Harry Potter for about two minutes before realizing that there was a foul eight legged monster afoot. I went inside to get Justin and while I was gone the damn thing hid. Justin thought I was seeing things and bowed back inside. I heaved a big sigh and resumed reading Harry Potter. Moments later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and the damn thing was standing there with one leg in the air waving it around like he just didn't care. I was like OMG what is it doing?!?!? For a second time I got Justin. I ran outside ahead of him and watched as the thing burrowed into this nest it built on the side of the house. Since when do spiders built nests? 

Justin finally got his big butt outside and bravely used a stick to break apart the nest. It was comprised of straw, dirt, something that looked strangely like my hair (the mo fo probably snatched a strand from my head with its weird waving hand when I wasn't looking). Anyway after destroying the nest Justin again came up empty handed. 

Finally like thirty seconds later the damn thing emerged this time I think it was waving its arm in anger since its home was gone. I called Justin who immediately came outside and destroyed the evil bastard once and for all so I was able to enjoy the sun's heat without the threat of scary monsters.  He's always being a hero to my damsel in distress. 

Anyway Justin and I did get to round out the evening with a nice walk. We even saw horses and I'm totally not kidding but two of three I petted got boners. I got game. 

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