Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hanging Out

Warning the following blog may contain 'R' rated material. 

Once upon a time amidst a decade long long ago I was being a teenager, and was at a small house party. We were at my girlfriend's house which had two levels. I was downstairs partying with a couple people while she was upstairs with this dude she had started to date. I went upstairs to use the rest room facility. My friend came out of her bedroom fully clothed (this will be relevant in a moment) and we proceeded to talk before going to the rest room. 

While we were standing there waiting to go to the bathroom the guy she had been with moments ago emerged from the bedroom in nothing but boxers. We found this very odd since he had no reason to undress himself while alone in her bedroom. Our eyes simultaneously dropped to his man parts and it literally appeared as though he had a hanger in his pants. We were horrified. We actually called off the party because we were so disturbed. She wound up breaking it off with the person since he often liked to remove his pants and prance around willy-nilly (pun intended) *shudder. It has since been a running joke with us. 

Today I was perusing reddit and found this photo with the caption: "My friend grew this giant zucchini in his garden- two terrified corgis for scale." I immediately saw the photo and reflected back to that party all those years ago. Very accurate as to the situation that was at hand in that moment. 

Also I neglected to post this yesterday :)

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