Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bleeding Bananas

My how the weekend has flown by. Justin and I acted like 80 year olds yet again which we love to do. Saturday he worked while I cleaned the house. I discovered that someone had violated the only remaining banana I'd picked up from the discount section at Fred Meyer. I'm still not sure who the culprit was but it was a devastating crime scene. 
I was pretty alarmed since we had consumed two of the bananas on Wednesday. Yuck. 

Also on Saturday Justin hit up a used book sale (probably more James Patterson but I haven't verified that), and I took advantage of Old Navy's $3 tank top sale and $10 dress sale. Gotta love those secret emails that send the morning of the sale and cause me to rush like a mad woman to the store and throw a few elbows to collect the last XS dresses on the rack. 

Today I laid out in the sun while the neighbor kids peeked through the cracks in the fence. They periodically emitted "what's up girl," in the lowest pitched voice they could muster while I attempted with all my might to ignore them and enjoy my Harry Potter book. I eventually had to build a fort to block their view. I swear my hypothesis of only attracting very young and very old men still holds true. 

After enjoying the sun a bit too much justin and I worked on a puzzle. It's 1500 pieces so it is still a work in progress. The end product should be a scene with exotic animals. Here is a photo of our progress. You'll notice my festive tea ball decoration. Perfect for the occasion. 
Cheers to Monday tomorrow. The countdown continues to Justin and my fun filled adventure. 
Oho tasty granola bars?? Excuse me while I check out that ad. 

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