Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Don't Want To Grow Up

I have been preparing myself mentally for my 30th birthday for approximately five-six years. I'd hoped that by coming to terms with it early on I would be more accepting of the day when it inevitably comes this November. I realize age is just a number, and in that number is a life of experiences, lessons learned, love, growth etc. So I'm trying with all my might to embrace the whole aging process. 

While on our trip to Vegas I discovered decaf coffee. *sigh, I thought that day would never come. Alas I fear I now prefer decaf to regular because I don't get jittery. I also prefer the taste because I must enjoy arsenic or whatever it is critics claim is used to reverse the natural caffeine composition of coffee beans. Anyway I learned Starbucks has decaf espresso which is simply dynamite. 

That is a stalker photo I took of Justin whilst I was enjoying my coffee in the Paris hotel. While I'm at it here are a few more:
Deep in thought about breakfast 
Excited about going for a walk
Smiling for the photo I took of us. I had to crop myself out because I looked ridonkulous. 

I have dozens more but I shall spare Justin... for now. 

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